Red Shadow Pictures

Red Shadow Pictures Inc. is an independent motion picture production Company that focuses on production, financing and distribution of original content for the global marketplace.


Red Shadow Pictures Inc. started in 2019, is headed up by film Director Shahriar Azim and Producer Wajahat Khan.


Shahriar Azim is an Independent Filmmaker with a soul rooted in many nations. He made his first multi award wining short documentary film “We are Global Citizen” (2014), that deals with the suffering caused by war and how traditional media helps to publicize the narrative of warmongers rather than stopping them down. In 2015 his second Documentary Film released “Freedom 404”, depicting journalism in Bangladesh.

From 2016, Azim continuously making various kinds of short films such as Osmosis (2016), Black beans (2017), Widh (2019). “Widh” was screened in multiple Film Festival and won audience choice Award in Ojai shot film festival (2020).


Wajahat Khan is an independent producer from Pakistan who is committed to bold and innovative voices that highlight predicaments around the world. In 2019, he founded Red Shadow Pictures Inc. along with his producing partner Shahriar Azim. Their vision correlates as they both want to present the voices that have never been heard before. Other than producing independent films, he also has produced commercials and music videos. He graduated with BFA in Cinema from Cal State Northridge in 2020.

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